Camera Repair
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I would like to buy a camera part and attempt the work myself?

The team do not sell camera parts or accessories for Wisbech.

We also highly advise against DIY camera repairs due to the numerous components in digital cameras which can easily become damaged leading to a more expensive and time consuming repair.

My digital camera has become water damaged?

Water damaged digital cameras can be repaired but it can be time consuming process that requires multiple parts to be replaced.

Please fill in the online form or call us during business hours to discuss the water damage camera repair service for Wisbech by insured courier.

Can the repair centre fix any camera make or model?

The team can repair most leading brands of digital camera on the market (subject to availability of spare parts).

The team do not offer digital camera for Wisbech from the following manufacturers Casio, Kodak and Leica or film cameras.

Area covered : Wisbech

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This map illustrates Wisbech. We may only cover Wisbech area with a postal, call-out, courier pick-up/drop off service.

Camera Repair Wisbech

Fast Camera Repairs For Most Makes And Models

Professional digital camera repairs Wisbech in Cambridgeshire by an insured collection and delivery service from your home or workplace. Alternatively, you can post your item via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

Whatever hardware or software issues you are having with your digital camera or DSLR, the team aim to offer a professional and competitively priced camera repair service from start to finish.

Affordable Camera Repair Service For Consumer And Professional Models

From compact digital cameras to the latest DSLR cameras used by top photographers, the team have helped businesses and home owners in Wisbech get competitively priced camera repairs, by offering a collection and delivery service from a home or work address.

Enquire For Your Free Quote Regarding Camera Repairs

Just fill in the online form provided on this website for your free camera repair quotation by email. Alternatively please call the UK based repair centre for further information and to arrange collection and delivery of your faulty item in Cambridgeshire.

Camera Repairs

Digital Camera Repair Wisbech in Cambridgeshire

First Class Camera Repair Service

Is your favourite digital camera or DSLR broken ? can help by getting you in touch with the experts, who offer fast and affordable digital camera repairs Wisbech by insured courier service.

They have a wealth of experience in repairing digital camera from the top manufacturers including:

• Canon
• Panasonic
• Olympus
• Pentax
• Sony
• Samsung

Common Camera Repairs

Common hardware and software issues (alongside some of the services offered by the team for Wisbech) are outlined below for your convenience:

• Camera lens stuck
• Lens error message
• Camera not turning on
• Error codes
• Broken LCD screen
• Sensor cleaning
• General camera servicing
• Camera not connecting to computer
• SD card slot damaged

Get Your Free Estimate For Digital Camera Repairs

Find out the cost of camera repairs for Wisbech in Cambridgeshire by insured courier or post - simply fill in the online repair form provided on this website and a technician will get in touch shortly by email or telephone.

Alternatively please call the team via the number displayed on this website during office hours.

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very polite, formal and quick response.

Score 5 out of 5

the follow up call after the email response was very helpful.

Score 4.6 out of 5

delighted with the service. my local camera shop suggested that the cost of repairs was such that i would be better looking for a second-hand replacement camera. there is no way i could have done this for
the money you charged for my repair. i am delighted with my service. the staff are a delight to deal with and your pricing is clearly competitive.

thank you, brian waters.

Score 5 out of 5

very impressed with the service the telephone manner of staff and i would recommend this company.
5 star

Score 5 out of 5

i was really impressed that you sent an acknowledgement email to me especially over the weekend.
again i was pleasantly surprised at at how fast you were able to answer my query.
i would recommend people to use this service.
overall a good service...

Score 2 out of 5

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Recent Enquires

when swiched on screen white you can hear shutter working just got camera of ebay last week thanks doug


id like a quote for a full service please and for someone to have a look at the autofocus it is a bit slow sometimes and has trouble focusingwork number above moby x


matte focusing screen drop down


the zoom is stuck either half way in or half way out


would like a full cleaning service body and 3 lenses pleasewould prefer response via email please


the screen smashed and i tried to repair it but cant


i dropped the camera a few weeks ago. now the camera cant focus properly so the image is always blurred and when we try to switch off the camera the display says lens error before it shuts itself down. can you mend it for less than it costs to replace 90


lens is fulled zoomed out and wont go back. camera wont turn on. when on button is pushed the camera makes a buzzing and beeping noise for a while then stops.


when i turn the camera on the lens seems to be jammed and wont go out fully. i am able to click other viewing options but cant take any photos.